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With the responsibilities of the IT Manager rapidly expanding beyond the data centre to include cloud services and new mobile devices, the efficient management of these diverse domains has become a daily challenge.

Our solution: automation and managed services based on two award-winning platforms, N-able and Autotask.

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N-Central by N-able is a platform for remotely monitoring, managing and automating the broadest range of IT tasks for any type of device. It is currently being used to deliver managed services to over 90,000 SMBs worldwide.

Using the N-central automated discovery process, Control Esc can collect the details of all the devices on your network. The result is a complete inventory of the hardware, license keys, warranties, and installed applications for every device. This allows the automation of certain tasks like patch distribution, software updates, and third-party software distribution.

N-central provides predictive failure monitoring and alerting, giving Control Esc constant real-time access to critical information.

Other features include —

Backup: An integrated backup manager to simplify local and remote backups and restoration. It provides incremental backups, disk-to-disk-to-cloud, and physical-virtual-virtual backup capabilities, and de-duplication.

Policy Management: Allows Control Esc to create and enforce desktop and server policies by user or device with control over security and configuration settings in order to help control change management and the cost of support.

Filtering: This allows Control Esc to target specific devices for a variety of purposes including patch management, remote task execution, and reporting.

Patch Management: Allows automated patch approvals and distribution for workstations and servers, plus patch reporting.

Professional Service Automation: For accurate ticket and billing information.

Software Distribution: Allows Control Esc to schedule delivery of software and updates to selected desktops and servers. Flexible deployment options help avoid bandwidth bottlenecks.

Audit: Allows Control Esc to perform vulnerability and compliance audit scans on client networks.

Antivirus: Protects client workstations, servers and applications from malicious attack by scanning for, detecting and destroying viruses.

Antimalware: Scans, detects, destroys, and prevents malware with industry-leading security techniques and Cloud-based update technology.

Antispam: Filters inbound and outbound email traffic using a broad range of spam detection techniques, and provides complete quarantine control.

Remote Control: Allows secure connection to remote devices using agentless Cloud technology, or directly to routers, switches, and printers with a variety of protocols.

Remote Monitoring: Allows monitoring the availability and performance of any IP-enabled device and taking control when required.

Virtual Machine Management: Allows the detection, management and monitoring of VMware instances. Proactively warns when a hardware-related problem may occur, enabling Control Esc to fix the problem before it affects the client.

Technician Mobility: Allows Control Esc technicians to respond to customer alerts while in the field.

Self-Healing: Control Esc can pre-configure responses to specific types of failures detected by N-central in order to automatically execute diagnostic and remediation policies, restart Windows Services, or deploy scripts.



Autotask is an enterprise resource planning solution especially suited to delivering a world class Help Desk. It allows Control Esc to constantly monitor and improve response times to deliver better service to our clients. It provides a complete audit trail, whether service requests arrive by phone, fax, email or through our web portal — along with staff and service metrics to help us track and analyse our efficiency.

The seamless integration of Autotask with N-able allows us to capture and convert managed service alerts into service tickets that are tracked from diagnosis through escalation to resolution.

Skill-based routing ensures that engineers with the right skill-set and experience are assigned to a job.

Control Esc clients have direct access to a secure portal that displays a suite of detailed analytics, case tracking information, and service overviews.

Together, N-able and Autotask make managed services flexible, transparent and responsive.

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