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“It's incredibly reassuring to know that at the end of a phone there is my own dedicated IT support team more or less 24/7, able to respond to anything and everything, seemlessly diagnosing anything from the obvious to the diabolical, then restoring everything to normality. Very good value for money!”

Nick Hewson

CEO Grosvenor Equity Managers

Alex Ashby

CEO and Founder

After studying chemistry at university , Alex helped set up Tangent Web Design, one of the UK’s first web design agencies, working with companies such as the FT, Macmillan Publishing, Lycos and Xoom.

After moving to London, Alex worked on software and database projects for WestLB, Morningstar, Thompson, Panmure Gordon, and others, before forming Control Esc in 2003 Alex has worked with Calum Lasham on a variety of technology projects since they were at university together, and with Sid Podunavac for nearly fifteen years.

For the last few years Alex has worked on technical security projects with various clients and law firms and  is working towards a part-time MSc in Software and Security at the University of Oxford.

Calum Lasham

Managing Director

Calum has been writing software since his days on the Amiga computer and has worked with Alex since studying physics at university.

Following his work with IBM and Oracle, Calum joined Control Esc in 2003.

His attention to detail combined with his broad specialist experience in security, forensics and multiple operating systems make him a true technology ninja.

At the weekends, when not immersed in a client project, Calum can be found taking photos of community art projects and helping friends with their art installations.

Sid Podunavac

Lead Technical Engineer

Sid (Sinisa) studied Maths and electronic engineering before moving to London to work on Windows NT server infrastructure projects in the 1990s. He has worked on software and technology projects for a wide range of companies: from Shell Oil and Esso to smaller web start-ups.

His depth of operating system and infrastructure knowledge makes him an indispensable adviser and mentor on most of our projects.

When not hobbled by injury, Sid is a mid-field magician.

Peter Smith

Technical Director

Peter ran a successful security business for many years before moving into IT. He first worked for Microsoft before doing data centre migration work for JP Morgan and Barclays.

His knowledge of business moves, virtualisation, and disaster recovery, combined with a level head, make him an invaluable force at wrangling the many resources needed for complex infrastructure projects.

Peter is also an expert equestrian!

Piers Rankin

Legal Counsel

Piers joined Control Esc as in-house solicitor having previously worked in private practice as a litigation solicitor in London, primarily working in the fields of fraud and corporate regulatory proceedings.

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