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Why Choose Us

Standard rates

IT Support companies often prefer to work when their clients are not in the office; that means at night and at weekends. Acknowledging this preference, Control Esc decided long ago to charge standard rates for weekends, bank holidays and out of hours work.

365-day-a-year service

Control Esc also offer 365-day-a-year service as standard, a Help Desk with no call queues, and the promise that you may speak to the service person you want.

Your team

Dedicated account managers and low staff turnover mean you will be able to establish a close working relationship with your support team.


In an effort to help clients manage their resources, Control Esc have special arrangements with both hardware vendors and leasing companies, making it easy for you to reduce capital expenses.

Easy integration

Control Esc are platform and OS agnostic, which means we can help you integrate any operating system or platform into your business, whether PC or Mac, tablet or phone.


Finally, our credit rating has been in the top 10% of companies for the last six years – a sign of a stable and well-run business.

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Control Esc have the experienced staff and the tools to help you manage this ever-expanding dependence on technology at a variety of service levels.

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