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All posts by Alex Ashby

  • The Cloud and your network

    Contrary to what you may have experienced, ‘The Cloud’ isn’t just a buzzword thrown around by technologically antiquated companies in a desperate attempt to sound all modern and sexy (like ‘Big Data’ and pretty much any word beginning with ‘Cyber’). Rather, cloud technology is something much more tangible, even transformational, with potentially massive benefits for […]

  • Costs of connectivity

    It goes without saying that a fast, reliable internet connection is crucial for pretty much all modern businesses. In fact, if a recent and rather annoying broadband advert is to be believed, the only viable non-networked business would be a (presumably self-employed) full time off-grid spoon whittler. By virtue of the fact that you’re reading […]

  • Domain Spoofing Frauds

    Domain Spoofing Frauds We are increasingly seeing small and medium sized companies being attacked by well researched frauds, where an email appearing to come from a known supplier, with a new bank account, or from a senior internal member of staff requesting an outstanding invoice be paid by online transfer. The attacks often register a […]

  • Website or software project

      When does a Website become a software project ? In short when it uses a CMS ( Content Management System), such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco or Sharepoint. The use of a database to generate dynamic content or pull data from other sources also indicates that software project methods need to be used to avoid […]

  • LogMeIn Free

    The demise of the LogMeIn Free remote control software early this year offers some insights into how cloud and Freemium products, once mature, can force very large price increases on users at almost no notice. LogMeIn Free has been a very good free remote desktop control package for 10 years. We have used various of […]