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  • It’s the 21st Century – Hosted VOIP Telephony Systems

    Effective and efficient communication lies at the heart of any successful company. This includes communication with employees, management, clients and the general public. In the last few decades, technology has evolved to make it much easier to facilitate communicative channels, no matter the distance between individuals.   Telephone communication is a key component of any […]

  • Costs of connectivity

    It goes without saying that a fast, reliable internet connection is crucial for pretty much all modern businesses. In fact, if a recent and rather annoying broadband advert is to be believed, the only viable non-networked business would be a (presumably self-employed) full time off-grid spoon whittler. By virtue of the fact that you’re reading […]

  • LogMeIn Free

    The demise of the LogMeIn Free remote control software early this year offers some insights into how cloud and Freemium products, once mature, can force very large price increases on users at almost no notice. LogMeIn Free has been a very good free remote desktop control package for 10 years. We have used various of […]