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  • Internal vs external IT support

    Whether you’re a multi-national corporation or a one-person business working in a home office, chances are that technology plays a vital part in your business. One of the key questions every business faces is whether to manage their IT systems in-house or outsource the responsibility to an external IT support company?   External IT support […]

  • When is it worth developing bespoke software?

    If you’ve identified a business process which could be streamlined via software, you face a very important choice: do you procure an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution, or find a reputable software house to build a bespoke solution? The answer very much depends on your requirements, budget, and whether the software has the potential to give you a […]

  • Why does your small business need IT security?

    These days, it’s depressingly rare for a month to pass without hearing about yet another large company’s IT security breach. It’s all the more troubling when the victim is either regarded as a ‘technology leader’, or handles customers’ financial data. Yet, whilst it’s the household names which grab the headlines, IT security breaches often pose […]

  • Managed Service Provider VS Traditional IT Support

    Businesses usually have a love/hate relationship with technology. On one hand, it enables them to do much more with fewer people, and to extend their reach far beyond their physical premises. On the other hand, increasing dependence on technology means that when it goes wrong, the whole business grinds to a halt, with both short […]