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Data Security

  • Google Apps vs Office 365

    Productivity tools enable business to do many tasks; these include manage their emails, create spreadsheets, edit documents and more. By moving your suite of tools over to the cloud, your IT department will not have to manage software upgrades and security patches as it will be in a secure location.   With more and more […]

  • Why does your small business need IT security?

    These days, it’s depressingly rare for a month to pass without hearing about yet another large company’s IT security breach. It’s all the more troubling when the victim is either regarded as a ‘technology leader’, or handles customers’ financial data. Yet, whilst it’s the household names which grab the headlines, IT security breaches often pose […]

  • Domain Spoofing Frauds

    Domain Spoofing Frauds We are increasingly seeing small and medium sized companies being attacked by well researched frauds, where an email appearing to come from a known supplier, with a new bank account, or from a senior internal member of staff requesting an outstanding invoice be paid by online transfer. The attacks often register a […]

  • Website or software project

      When does a Website become a software project ? In short when it uses a CMS ( Content Management System), such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco or Sharepoint. The use of a database to generate dynamic content or pull data from other sources also indicates that software project methods need to be used to avoid […]