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  • Google Apps vs Office 365

    Productivity tools enable business to do many tasks; these include manage their emails, create spreadsheets, edit documents and more. By moving your suite of tools over to the cloud, your IT department will not have to manage software upgrades and security patches as it will be in a secure location.   With more and more […]

  • The new iPhone 7: Is it worth upgrading?

    The new iPhone 7 was released in mid-September. However, it has left many feeling distinctly underwhelmed. It looks almost exactly the same as 2015’s iPhone 6s, which in turn was similar to the 2014 iPhone 6; it isn’t as cutting edge as we expect Apple to be. With no sign of the wireless charging or […]

  • It’s the 21st Century – Hosted VOIP Telephony Systems

    Effective and efficient communication lies at the heart of any successful company. This includes communication with employees, management, clients and the general public. In the last few decades, technology has evolved to make it much easier to facilitate communicative channels, no matter the distance between individuals.   Telephone communication is a key component of any […]

  • Internal vs external IT support

    Whether you’re a multi-national corporation or a one-person business working in a home office, chances are that technology plays a vital part in your business. One of the key questions every business faces is whether to manage their IT systems in-house or outsource the responsibility to an external IT support company?   External IT support […]

  • Cisco Meraki

    When did your wireless network last  give you a competitive advantage, save you some money and time,  or help you keep track of your assets? They don’t, right? You put in a password and get internet access. Not anymore;  you can track the foot fall past your shop, track valuable assets around your warehouse, reduce […]

  • LogMeIn Free

    The demise of the LogMeIn Free remote control software early this year offers some insights into how cloud and Freemium products, once mature, can force very large price increases on users at almost no notice. LogMeIn Free has been a very good free remote desktop control package for 10 years. We have used various of […]

  • Avoiding a bad case of the hiccups

    For those who manage their lives with Gmail and Google Calendar, there has always been an implicit understanding that they are just one Google hiccup away from losing all their historical data. Instead of denying responsibility for your risky behaviour, Google has chosen to put your mind at ease by finally allowing you to archive […]