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  • Planning or revamping your office’s IT setup

    So, you’re moving into a new office (or rejigging your current one). Congratulations! But don’t get too distracted by choosing the carpet colour, and deciding if the walls will be plastered with landscape images, inspirational quotes, or abstract art. The most important part of a new office setup is the IT. One of the hardest […]

  • The Yahoo hack: why data security is so important

    Last month, Yahoo announced that over 500 million of its user accounts had been hacked at the end of 2014. This is believed to be the biggest cyber security breach to date. Yahoo claims that the information was stolen by a “state-sponsored actor”, although haven’t said exactly how the data was extracted.   What was […]

  • How The Cloud is shaping global IT spending patterns

      Cloud technology is a truly wonderful thing, but if you’ve been thinking “sounds great in theory, but does anybody actually use it?”, the answer is a resounding yes! By way of evidence, we’ve been looking at the snappily titled ‘Forecast Alert: IT Spending, Worldwide, 2Q16 Update’ from Gartner, which reveals some interesting cloud-related trends. […]

  • Website or software project

      When does a Website become a software project ? In short when it uses a CMS ( Content Management System), such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco or Sharepoint. The use of a database to generate dynamic content or pull data from other sources also indicates that software project methods need to be used to avoid […]

  • N-central 9.2 Patch Manager

    Patch management is an important but time-consuming task for any IT department. It is important because it fixes security vulnerabilities and often improves machine and system performance. With N-central 9.2, Control Esc have access to new tools for both Windows and third party patching, plus flexible monitoring of application compliance and resource consumption data. The […]