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Cisco Meraki

When did your wireless network last  give you a competitive advantage, save you some money and time,  or help you keep track of your assets?

They don’t, right? You put in a password and get internet access. Not anymore;  you can track the foot fall past your shop, track valuable assets around your warehouse, reduce the cost and pain of PCI-DSS compliance, and filter websites staff phones or computers can access according to job role, or time of day! ( payment card industry, data security standard)

These are the sort of things that large multi national companies could do with IT security departments and million pound budgets. Now SME can get this edge for a few pounds per staff member per month.

For us as your IT department we are no longer reliant on assumptions or predictions when network issues are encountered; regardless of the network state we can analyse the most recent events. This results in speedy diagnosis and fewer call out costs allowing you to continue with your day to day IT reliant working activities.

Lets look at an example. A client in the leisure industry had hundreds of clients coming through their reception everyday at varying times. A new registration system using a cloud service and iPads was introduced to speed the process, but a certain seemingly random times some of the iPads wouldn’t work with the cloud service. Replacing the old cisco wireless network, switch and firewall with Meraki allowed us and the client to view and log in realtime the signal strength each of the iPads. The Meraki dashboard allowed us to identify at busy times, in the evening and weekends, the number of bodies between the wireless point and the iPads caused the signal to be lost. Mounting the wireless on the roof resolved this issue. The same client was also able to map the clients through the building by the signal from their phones and also to look at the length of stay and the footfall past their building. Your network offers you that doesn’t it?


Errors are highlighted in a glorious red traffic light fashion, warnings amber and optimal performance highlighted green. Cable tests can be run at the click of a button, we can identify and block unknown network devices or for leaving staff within seconds and you can control websites viewable  in the work place. All of these features help us to help you. They minimise troubleshooting delays and assist us to identify the root cause of most networking issues within minutes from our remote offices.

Meraki directly benefits your business and users. A Meraki network is a safer, smarter and cheaper to manage network. The Meraki MX device has built in network layer virus scanning, web content filtering and bandwidth management. These three features combined tremendously increase the security of small business networks. Having the ability to control the website categories staff can browse within the workplace greatly reduces the risk of a malware outbreak or time wasted, even the risk of industrial tribunals from staff offended by content which should have been blocked.


In addition to securing your network all Meraki equipment include lifetime warranty. Any faulty devices are replaced via next business day service, directly from the manufacturer.


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