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Cloud Applications

The beauty of many cloud applications is that they have managed to combine the usability and simplicity of consumer software with the power and sophistication of an enterprise solution.

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Office 365

Office 365 is an online subscription service for all the familiar Microsoft Office products plus enterprise-grade email and conferencing. With Office 365, your IT department no longer has to manage software upgrades and security patches, as this is all handled for you in the cloud.

Office 365

Email and calendars can be accessed from a PC, Mac, web browser or phone. If a phone is lost, data can be wiped from the device to prevent unauthorised access. Because files are automatically saved online, they are easy to share and access on the go. Team folders can be created in Outlook to help simplify collaboration.

Microsoft’s OneDrive service (formerly SkyDrive) provides a single cloud storage address for your important documents that can be accessed seamlessly from all your devices, whether at home, in the office, or on the road.

With select business plans, Office 365 includes Active Directory synchronisation, enabling businesses to manage user identities across different in-house and online installations of Exchange and Sharepoint. Set up and host online meetings with multi-party HD video conferencing, real-time note taking, and screen sharing.

Office 365 ProPlus offers the same Microsoft Office experience, but the software is installed on your desktop or laptop computer, so it doesn’t require a persistent internet connection. It is a user-based service that allows you to access Office on up to 5 PCs or Macs and on your mobile devices. Traditional Office installations were tied to the computers they were installed on. Office 365 ProPlus enables a variety of flexible deployment options.

Office 365 is a revolutionary reimagining of Software-as-a-Service, offering all the advantages of cloud delivery: automatic updates, easy collaboration, enterprise-grade security, and access from anywhere.

Control Esc’s Office 365 specialists can help you choose the right plan, integrate it into your business, and help your employees quickly learn how to take advantage of all its features. And 24/7 support is always just a phone call or a click away.

Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for Business, like Office 365, is a cloud-based suite of software applications that allow you to be productive wherever you are. It includes a calendar, word processor, spreadsheet, email, and an app for making professional presentations. It is a well-integrated set of basic business applications for those who don’t need the extensive features of Microsoft Office.

Google Apps for Business offers a potentially lower cost alternative to Office 365, with lean applications that are easy to learn, particularly for younger employees who are already familiar with the Google ecosystem and don’t have years of experience with Microsoft Office products.

At the center of this productivity suite is Google Drive, which provides storage for your files in the cloud, so they can be accesses and shared from anywhere and from any device. With a couple of clicks you can give your team access to any document for comment or editing and with a detailed revision history. Update a file on one device and changes can be automatically saved to Google Drive and your other devices.

Because Google Apps for Business was designed from the ground up to be compatible with so many devices, multi-user collaboration has become one of its greatest strengths.

Google Apps offer a layer of security with two factor authentication, which reduces the risk of hackers stealing usernames and passwords. Browser sessions are automatically encrypted with SSL for Apps users, which helps protect data as it travels between your browser and the Google data centres.

The Premium package includes Vault, an email and chat management package that simplifies archiving, search, and retention. It makes it easy to establish governance and retention policies that help reduce the risks and costs associated with compliance audits and litigation. eDiscovery tools allow authorized users to search through the archive for data that may be relevant to a specific matter or investigation. The Google search algorithms can search domain-wide and return results quickly.

Google Apps for Business has taken a minimalist approach, resulting in applications that are both easy to learn and maintain, but are they right for your business? Let Control Esc help you decide if these bare bones applications can lower your costs while still doing what you need them to do.

Cloud Backup

For businesses seeking increased storage within the limits of existing operating budgets, public cloud storage, backup, and disaster recovery services offer an attractive off-premise, pay-as-you-grow solution.

Cloud back up

By backing up to the cloud, businesses don’t need to invest in more hardware, and they have a built-in disaster recovery solution in case something happens to their primary data-centre.

Control Esc offer a variety of easy-to-manage cloud backup solutions from established providers offering enterprise-grade performance and security with Active Directory integration and configurable retention settings.

Back up desktops, laptops, and mission-critical data on SQL and Exchange servers. All data is encrypted during the backup process, sent over an encrypted SSL connection, and encrypted while at rest for complete end-to-end data protection using AES 256-bit encryption and three optional levels of encryption key management.


Like Office 365, Microsoft’s SharePoint is moving to the cloud, turning enterprise content management into a true collaboration and discovery tool, helping to keep projects on track and colleagues-up-to-date.


SharePoint Online delivers the powerful features of SharePoint without the overhead of managing the infrastructure on your own. Flexible management options ensure that you still retain the control you need to meet the compliance requirements of your organisation. You can purchase Sharepoint in the cloud as a standalone offering or as part of an Office 365 suite where you can also get access to Exchange, Lync, the Office clients and web apps.

New archiving, eDiscovery and case management capabilities extend across Sharepoint, Exchange and Lync. The SharePoint administration console allows you to easily manage capabilities, policies and security.

Control Esc’s SharePoint and Office 365 specialists can help you choose the right plan, integrate it into your business, and help your employees quickly learn how to take advantage of all its features. And 24/7 support is always just a phone call or a click away.

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