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Cloud Consultancy

Cloud computing is not a passing fad and is not going away. It represents a disruptive and permanent shift in how consumers and businesses get work done.

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Cloud Strategy

Because of the many benefits of Cloud applications and infrastructure, businesses need to have a Cloud strategy. For Control Esc clients, this is simply an extension of the strategic roadmap that we develop with each client based on our initial software and infrastructure audit.

The roadmap is a changing document that is constantly reviewed and updated based on the company’s anticipated growth and direction. It takes into account the latest Cloud offerings, and helps the company decide what internal processes might best be moved to the Cloud. For example:

Small team

A small new company that is experiencing rapid growth might benefit from moving all its IT infrastructure to the Cloud because of the Cloud’s ability to quickly and cost-effectively scale hardware resources.

Medium team

A medium-size software development company might simply move the development process to a Cloud development platform (Platform as a Service) in order to take advantage of both Agile collaboration tools and server scalability, making it unnecessary to commit to a costly “sandboxed” hardware development platform in-house.

Large team

A larger organisation, running business-critical applications with millions of lines of customised code will likely prefer a hybrid infrastructure taking advantage of both private and public Clouds. 

Every business has different needs and a different sense of urgency. Every business must manage its mobile workforce and could use better collaboration tools. Yet each can achieve these goals with different solutions and within different time frames.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is the process of moving data, applications, and services from your on-site computers to the Cloud.

Cloud Migration

It sounds easy, but it can be a complex and daunting process that requires a lot of planning and care. Moving a simple application, for example, requires knowledge of its dependencies on network settings, storage devices, and software licenses. Mission-critical applications require even more care as they impact business continuity.

The need to migrate certain aspects of your business to the Cloud is inevitable, and your ability to connect applications, data sources and APIs effectively can prove to be a competitive advantage.

Control Esc will be there to help you plan and execute the transition.

Cloud Monitoring

One of the big advantages of the Cloud is the shifting of key IT responsibilities (server uptime, security, software upgrades) to enterprise-level third party suppliers.


In this environment, the Service Level Agreement (SLA) becomes a critical document which can only be effectively enforced if the performance of each Cloud service is regularly monitored. Remote monitoring of the service provided by each Cloud vendor is a central piece of the Control Esc Cloud solution.

Control Esc offer distributed monitoring of IT infrastructure performance with centralised web administration and e-mail notification of pre-defined events. This, coupled with 24/7 monitoring by our Help Desk, ensures that any Cloud performance issues will be managed for you by Control Esc.

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