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Virtualisation is a technology meant to reduce the proliferation of physical servers in a data centre, which traditionally operates at less than 15% efficiency.

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Microsoft’s Hyper-V makes it easy for a business to virtualise a standard Windows Server environment, making more efficient use of resources.

Cloud Hyper V

It offers the capabilities of a dedicated server with the flexibility of a virtual environment, allowing you to add resources on-the-fly, such as memory, CPU cycles, and storage, to match demand.

These virtual servers can be continuously backed up to redundant nodes and instantaneously switched to the back-up in the event of hardware failure or maintenance — all without an interruption in service.

Hyper-V includes a comprehensive management application called System Centre that monitors all hardware, operating systems, and virtual machines, simplifying the management of both physical and virtual architectures.

Let Control Esc engineers help you consolidate your data centre by virtualising your servers with Hyper-V.


For those businesses that already have a commitment to VMware, Control Esc can help you leverage what you have as your needs grow.

VM Ware


As a VMware Solution Provider, Control Esc can help you consolidate your data centre with vSphere, creating a virtual server environment that can dramatically reduce your hardware and energy costs.

Manage and monitor virtual machines with different operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Netware. With VMware you can liberate your data centre from the constraints of specialised hardware. All IT services, including the network, can be pooled, delivered and managed by software.

With the VMware vCloud integrated product offerings, all the benefits of a managed hybrid Cloud can be realised with true dynamic transfer of workloads between private and public Clouds.

Control Esc is there to help you achieve the VMware vision of “the software-defined data centre”.

Private Cloud

Control Esc engineers can provide a dedicated Private Cloud solution using one of the latest infrastructure platforms from VMware, Microsoft, or OpenStack.

Your Private Cloud will be a scalable virtual environment built on your hardware behind your firewall, so it remains secure and completely under your control. It offers all the benefits of Cloud computing, including the ability to deliver applications and resources as services to your internal clients — the perfect platform for collaboration.

With your own Private Cloud, you’re just a step away from taking advantage of a hybrid infrastructure, where you can manage pooled resources and workloads across physical locations — between your Private Cloud and a Public Cloud like Amazon AWS, Windows Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or Rackspace.

Control Esc can help you develop a long-term Cloud strategy so that your investment now will be a first step on a carefully planned journey.

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