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The notion that we are all connected has become a cliché, but the simple idea of connection conceals the underlying complexity of the technologies that make it possible.

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A business needs to understand the different technologies that connect us in a business setting in order to take full advantage of the options available. Voice and data now travel over copper wire, fibre-optic cable, or wirelessly via terrestrial towers or satellites. Businesses now have access to all these competing technologies, creating an opportunity for consolidation and cost savings. Connectivity facilitates communication, and improving communication between employees, between employees and clients, and between management and the public should be important strategic goals of any business.

Data Services

Because the vast majority of data, whether numbers on a spreadsheet or digits in a video file, pass over the public internet, a reliable, fast and secure connection to the internet is vital to any business.

Control Esc offer a full range of internet connectivity options:


In addition, we support private connectivity options that provide yet another level of security, including dedicated Leased Lines, MPLS and Point-to-Point solutions. 



If you have multiple offices in an urban area within 5 km of each other, Control Esc can offer WiMAX, a wireless technology with speeds up to 10 Mbps.

It is easier and quicker to install than wired services and it can securely connect your offices at a fraction of the cost of a leased line.

Mobile phones for business also require web access for sending and receiving files and for using web browsers and maps. Control Esc offer high-speed business broadband service with speeds up to 7 Mbps, with the promise of faster speeds to come.

Voice Services

Just as the Cloud and virtualisation have prompted more efficient data management, the same technologies are at the centre of advances in managed voice services. 


Control Esc offer a suite of telephony services based on Hosted IP. It is a managed carrier-grade Voice Over IP service that integrates your office and mobile workforce into a single cloud infrastructure.

With the addition of SIP Trunking, you get a whole new level of flexibility. SIP Trunking acts as a bridge, allowing you to connect your PBX phone system to the public phone network using the same infrastructure as your data network, thus reducing or eliminating ISDN charges and allowing free calling between connected offices. It makes it easy to scale up as demand increases, and provides a path to integration with overlay applications like softphones for your laptop and advanced call centre and receptionist services.

Let Control Esc guide you through the maze of IP telephony, with the goal of finding the best solution for you and your current phone system.

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Control Esc have the experienced staff and the tools to help you manage this ever-expanding dependence on technology at a variety of service levels.

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