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Of all the services Control Esc offer, perhaps the most important and far-reaching is IT consulting. Consulting requires listening and observing, and then applying our knowledge and experience to a specific business problem or strategy.

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Audits, reviews and reports

Before initiating a plan, management often needs to understand the current state of the system, and this begins with an audit. The system under review can be as extensive as the entire IT infrastructure or as limited as third-party supplier SLAs or data backup procedures.

Typical audits might include the following:

  • Infrastructure (servers, routers, gateways, firewalls, networks)
  • Mobile platforms (hardware, collaboration tools, email)
  • Third party supplier and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Information Security (firewalls, perimeter analysis, security policy)
  • Software applications and databases (migration analysis)
  • Backup and disaster recovery policy and procedures

Control Esc audits can discover gaps in performance or security at many levels, and lead to concrete measures that can be taken to close the gaps. An audit also provides a performance baseline against which future improvements can be measured.

Strategic planning

As Information Technology plays an ever-increasing role in business, so it must be at the centre of any comprehensive strategic plan.


Much of this new technology is disruptive and requires new ways of thinking. If it hasn’t done so already, it can bring new efficiencies into your business processes; it can bring your employees together in a collaborative social network; it can streamline communication and collaboration with your partners, clients, and suppliers; it can help bring products to market faster and extend your market reach, and it can better protect your data.

The Control Esc team can bring you up-to-date on the latest developments in technology and guide you in making informed decisions based on our deep knowledge and hands-on experience with the best solutions.

Control Esc can help you structure your IT investment strategy to align with your strategic business objectives.

Drafting a data security policy

The importance of having a comprehensive security policy in place cannot be overstated. It will define a business’s attitude toward information, clearly stating its importance as a business asset worth protecting. Furthermore, it will provide a framework for best practices that can be taught and easily followed by employees.

A security policy is often required by regulators, because it demonstrates that a company has controls in place to comply with current regulations. A policy document may also be required by your clients when their confidential data resides on your servers.

After performing a risk assessment, Control Esc consultants can help your team develop a comprehensive security policy document that conforms to established best practices and will help you better manage internal and external risk.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is the process of moving data, applications, and services from your on-site computers to the Cloud.

Cloud Migration

It sounds easy, but it can be a complex and daunting process that requires a lot of planning and care. In short, it requires a strategy.

The Control Esc consulting team can work with you to develop the most efficient step-by-step strategy for your migration with the least cost and effort. Our team can help you choose the best application candidates for migration and help you compare the financial costs of owning and operating a data centre versus leasing space in the Cloud.

Control Esc will perform a technical assessment and a security and compliance assessment, and will help you determine whether a hybrid strategy might make more sense. We can assist in the design of a proof-of-concept project, help you validate the technology, and guide you in building internal support for your project.

With the Control Esc consulting team as a partner, you will be able to take full advantage of the latest advances in Cloud technology.

Infrastructure design and implementation

A strategic plan may include replacing ageing servers, setting up a new data centre or implementing a virtualisation plan.


Control Esc specialists can assist you in both the design of your infrastructure and in the selection and procurement of the best hardware and software for your specific application. Control Esc can also arrange a competitive equipment lease, helping you conserve capital.

Backup and disaster recovery

Price Waterhouse Coopers estimate that 43% of companies that experience a major data loss simply do not recover. But even if the business doesn’t fail outright, it may experience business disruption, stiff fines for non-compliance, negative publicity and the loss of customer confidence. This is a heavy price to pay for failing to have an effective backup and disaster recovery system in place.

Back up

A key management objective of any business must be the ability to quickly recover from such a crisis. Fortunately, recent technologies such as virtualisation and backup automation make it much easier to set up a disaster recovery system that is both reliable and cost-effective.

For businesses that are still using manual disaster recovery systems, Control Esc can help your IT team transition to a more reliable and scalable system that will require less hardware, fewer personnel and less training. An automated system within a virtualised server environment can fully recover in a fraction of the time it would take a manual system.

After reviewing your infrastructure, Control Esc consultants will recommend a data recovery solution that will make the most of the hardware and software you have in place and will help your team choose the replication, failover and failback options that will best suit your business.


Control Esc can provide temporary or permanent IT staff. 


We can provide temporary staff to assist in meeting IT deadlines or to cover for holidays or sick leave. We can also provide engineers and other specialists for long term projects from our own pool of talent, or we can help you recruit IT staff for permanent positions.

Our rigorous selection and interview process will produce a filtered list of highly qualified candidates for each position you need to fill.

Software Development

Outshore is a software development company wholly owned by Control Esc.


With experienced teams of local and offshore programmers, designers, and UX specialists, Outshore can help you develop a database management system, CRM, web or mobile application at a reasonable cost.

They can provide on-site programmers to work on legacy software projects, database security, or to consult on migration to the Cloud.

Outshore can set up and manage an Agile software development system in the Cloud or create beautiful responsive applications that work seamlessly across devices, whether a laptop, a tablet or mobile phone.

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