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Data Security

Securing your data is not just about the data. It’s also about securing your reputation and brand.

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When you lose data, there are consequences beyond the lost information, and it is these unexpected consequences that you need to think about: business disruption, stiff fines for non-compliance, bad publicity and the accompanying erosion of the corporate brand and customer confidence. A tarnished reputation can place a serious and unnecessary burden on business development and sales, and it may take years to fully recover.

While the importance of data security is unquestioned, the difficulty of achieving it only increases as the network perimeter of the enterprise expands to include the Cloud, the mobile workforce and the trend for employees to bring their own devices to work.

Risk assessment

Once a business commits to reducing risk, it needs to assess its own risk level by examining its infrastructure and key business processes.

Data risk

Control Esc can work with your security team to assess and prioritise the things you need to protect and the internal and external security threats you need to be aware of. This will ensure that you make cost-effective decisions and don’t spend more to protect something than it is actually worth.

Developing a security policy

After performing a risk assessment, Control Esc can help you develop a comprehensive data security policy.

Data Policy

The importance of a written policy cannot be overstated. Its very existence will heighten security awareness among employees, as it will define the organisation’s attitude toward information and clearly state its importance as an asset worth protecting.

Furthermore, it will provide a framework for best practices that can be taught and easily followed by employees.

While security policies are often required by regulators, because they demonstrate that a company has controls in place to comply with current regulations, they may also be required by your clients when their confidential data resides on your servers.

Dissemination and training

It should come as no surprise that drafting a security policy, while a necessary first step, is not sufficient. It needs to be published and promoted by senior management. 


While active monitoring plays a large part in maintaining information security, the awareness and attentiveness of employees has an even larger role to play.

It is called Internal Passive Discovery when an employee notices and reports something unusual. This kind of employee awareness and response can be dramatically improved with clearly written policies, training, and positive reinforcement.

Managed security and monitoring

Once your security policy, training and hardware are in place, you need to know if your security system is working. This is accomplished by setting benchmarks and monitoring all aspects of your system. Control Esc offer remote monitoring as part of our Managed Security Service.

Perimeter Management
This service usually involves assessing and upgrading a firewall to the latest specifications and installing intrusion-detection hardware and software. It includes monitoring, maintaining traffic routing rules, and creating traffic reports for management.

Penetration and Vulnerability Testing
This includes periodic software scans or hacking attempts in order to discover and report system vulnerabilities.

Compliance Monitoring
This entails monitoring event logs in order to identify internal system changes that might violate security policy.

Intrusion Detection Management
Includes intrusion monitoring and delivery of regular reports on intrusion attempts. Involves staying informed of the latest intrusion techniques in order to defend against them.

Mitigation Support
After an intrusion has occurred, Control Esc manage the emergency response that may require forensic analysis.

Control Esc firmly believe that businesses will be more successful if they treat data security as an investment. This will create the right incentives for everyone in the organisation to focus on the need to secure their confidential data.

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