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Avoiding a bad case of the hiccups

For those who manage their lives with Gmail and Google Calendar, there has always been an implicit understanding that they are just one Google hiccup away from losing all their historical data. Instead of denying responsibility for your risky behaviour, Google has chosen to put your mind at ease by finally allowing you to archive all your historical Gmail and Google Calendar data for safekeeping.

It couldn’t be easier: On you Google account page, click “Download your data” in the menu bar on the left. When the calendar appears, you have a choice of saving all your calendars or just specific ones. Clicking “Create Archive” will generate a compact .zip file and send a copy to your email account. A copy is also saved in your online account that you can access at any time.

This archiving feature for Gmail is rolling out to all users over the next month.

Google now supports downloadable archives in several products, including Google+, Hangouts, Drive, Blogger, Contact, and YouTube.


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