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It’s the 21st Century – Hosted VOIP Telephony Systems

Effective and efficient communication lies at the heart of any successful company. This includes communication with employees, management, clients and the general public. In the last few decades, technology has evolved to make it much easier to facilitate communicative channels, no matter the distance between individuals.


Telephone communication is a key component of any business’ communication strategy. By using technology to facilitate your telephone service, you can create opportunities for consolidation and cost savings.


Hosted VoIP (Voice over IP)


Cloud services for storage are now commonplace, but did you know that the same premise has been used to create managed voice services? Hosted VoIP gives your business the opportunity to integrate your office and mobile workforce into one single cloud infrastructure — and it comes with a host of advantages over a traditional telephone line.


Here are just a few that we have identified:


Cost saving


By using SIP Trunking, your PBX phone system can be connected to the public phone network using the same infrastructure as your data network — getting rid of ISDN charges and giving you free calls between connected offices. Your international call charges could also be dramatically reduced using this system.


Another key cost-saving advantage of hosted VoIP is that there are no additional IT costs, as you won’t have to manage it or fix any problems — your VoIP host will deal with all of this for you.




Scaling up hosted VoIP as and when you need it is much easier than scaling up a traditional telephone line. You won’t need any more phone lines or equipment — the system just needs configuring to the new employee’s line.


If you move to a bigger office, you won’t need to pack up any telephones and cables — once your computers and Internet are set up, your phone system will be up and running with them. Moving offices also no longer means that you’ll lose your phone numbers — these will come with you as they are part of your hosted VoIP.


Work anywhere


Unlike a traditional telephone line, hosted VoIP isn’t linked to just one phone. Its connection to the Internet means that your number goes wherever you go — you could even have more than one phone receiving calls for the same number.


Easily updated


As new features become available, your hosted VoIP can easily be updated to accommodate them through the Internet connection. This makes your VoIP system ready for anything the future brings.


A professional portrayal of your business


Hosted VoIP can offer callers options for certain extensions. For example, “dial 1 for our sales team”. This can give the impression of a large and more professional workforce, even if it is just two people in the office.


Hosted VoIP offers businesses a much more cost-effective and flexible telephone solution for the 21st century than a traditional telephone line. If you’d like to talk to one of our experienced team members about hosted VoIP, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email.

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