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How small tech companies get big fast

One of the great beneficiaries of cloud services has been the small tech startup.

While failure among startups is the norm, the few that are successful still have big hurdles to overcome. One of their biggest challenges has been managing exponential growth.

With the advent of the Internet, social networking, and new marketing tools, exponential growth can happen overnight.

Just a few years ago, this kind of growth would have been difficult to manage quickly. It would have required a sizable capital investment in in-house computing power and infrastructure, a team of experienced engineers, and weeks or months to put in place. In the meantime, their servers slowed to a crawl, and many of their users or customers became disenchanted and moved on.

One of the reasons for the early success of Facebook was Mark Zuckerberg’s foresight and his ability to expand capacity fast enough to satisfy Facebook’s accelerating growth.

The inability to scale fast enough to meet this demand has killed many promising young companies.

Now, with pre-configured infrastructure in the cloud being offered competitively by Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, and Google, sudden growth for a small company in the tech sector is much easier to manage.

The costs are reasonable and incremental — you only pay for what you use — and the capacity is available whenever you need it. You may only need it for a week or a weekend to handle the traffic for a conference or a promotion. You can dial your capacity up or down as needed, because it has become just that simple.

Even better, this state-of-the-art hardware and infrastructure is managed for you, reducing staffing costs. And the guaranteed uptime of between 99.5 and 99.9 % is difficult and expensive to match for any in-house data centre.

While this flexible computing capacity and ease of use has been a lifesaver for the small lean startup, it can be of equal value to large companies that can take advantage of the same flexibility and efficiencies of scale to build and test a software product or analyze large pools of proprietary data.

Even large companies that have mastered the art of scaling efficiently can take market share from competitors who find it difficult to deliver on commitments when they are experiencing rapid growth.

Whether you are large or small, Control Escape can help you find the cloud services that are right for you.


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