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Internal vs external IT support

Whether you’re a multi-national corporation or a one-person business working in a home office, chances are that technology plays a vital part in your business. One of the key questions every business faces is whether to manage their IT systems in-house or outsource the responsibility to an external IT support company?


External IT support – the facts

  • Using external IT support provides you with a group of experts whose job it is to keep up with developments in the fast-moving technology sector. Often, an IT support company will employ experts in particular technology niches, to make sure every part of your system runs smoothly. Just in the same way it makes sense to outsource your legal contracts to a lawyer and your accounts to an accountant, outsourcing your IT means your IT support is in the best hands.
  • An external IT company will have vast experience with businesses that differ in both industry and size, so may be able to suggest IT solutions that you would not have thought of yourself.
  • Viruses and hacking are becoming more commonplace and complex. External IT support companies will be aware of these advancements and be able to advise you about what measures you need to take to boost your security and protect yourself from hacking.


Internal IT support – the facts

  • Your staff will need to take holidays and some sick days. If you have in-house IT support, your IT infrastructure may not be adequately supported if – your systems go down.
  • There is a cost – both immediate and on-going – associated with hiring internal IT staff.
  • One in-house IT person will not have the broad range of knowledge and expertise that you’ll need to manage all aspects of your technology. This could mean budgeting for additional IT support from external specialists when particular issues arise.


Internal or external IT support: which one is best?

  • For some businesses, external or internal IT support isn’t actually an ‘either/or’ question – it can work well having both. For example, in a medium-sized business, having someone who liaises with your external IT support can provide you with a valuable staff member who is able to manage any technology related projects and input an ‘internal’ perspective – while taking advantage of the expertise the external IT company will bring.


Of course, in the end, it all comes down to a cost/benefit balance. For a small, one-person business it may make sense for them to manage their IT themselves with the added support of a low-cost support agreement with a company that can help them out when things go wrong. A larger business may benefit from an enterprise-level support package that effectively gives them an entire outsourced IT department.

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