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IT Manager Support

Even the smallest companies now have computers connected by a network, servers for storage, managing printers and email, and routers for connecting to the Internet.

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Account Management

Our Account Management team begins by listening to your IT Department. We need to understand their most pressing challenges and their plans for the future. Working with your IT Manager, we can determine how we can best support your team. This may be through remote monitoring, help desk support, or by managing a specific IT project. The Control Esc Account Managers are your advocates. Whatever the need, they are there to make sure everything is in place for a productive partnership.

Support Desk Options

Control Esc offer two levels of 24/7 Help Desk support. The IT Executive Support provides 24/7 Help Desk support to all of your internal users, while the IT Manager Support plan is a 24/7 Help Desk structured around the needs of your IT staff. It may be limited to your IT staff, or more typically, it can function as an overflow service for your in-house support team. Both options offer the smooth workflow of a comprehensive Case Management system. Skillful routing ensures that cases are assigned to the appropriate technician or engineer for a speedy resolution. From the moment a case is raised, it is automatically tracked with real-time data and analytics, including service and billing summaries. This information is available in real-time through the Control Escape client portal.

Managed monitoring

As in medicine, IT support is moving from a “break-fix” standard of care to a more sensible preventive care standard. This has been made possible through the development of Real-time Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools like N-Able. The N-Able monitoring platform is at the centre of the Control Escape support system and is what makes it possible to optimise a client’s network environment and deliver state-of-the-art managed support cost-effectively. N-Able issues alerts that give Control Escape and your IT department insight into potential problems on you networks so they can be proactively addressed before they lead to costly downtime.


Comprehensive reporting is essential to maintaining the highest client service levels. Much of what Control Esc does through proactive interventions and Help Desk activities is delivered remotely and is thus invisible to the client, so regular reports are essential to keeping them informed. Over time, reports represent a timeline that can highlight performance issues that may call for upgrades or new hardware/software strategies.

Project services

Control Esc offer a full range of IT project and consultancy services that can be delivered by our solution specialists. These project services include:

  • Back-up and disaster recovery
  • Email management
  • Mobile device management
  • Cloud hosting
  • Cloud migration support
  • System migration support
  • Software as a Service implementation
  • Infrastructure as a Service implementation
  • Hybrid solutions
  • Managed security


Control Esc can provide temporary staff to assist in meeting IT deadlines or to cover for holidays or sick leave.

We can also provide engineers and other specialists for long-term projects from our own pool of talent, or we can help you recruit IT staff for permanent positions.

Our rigorous selection and interview process will produce a filtered list of highly qualified candidates for each position you want to fill.

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Control Esc have the experienced staff and the tools to help you manage this ever-expanding dependence on technology at a variety of service levels.

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