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Small Business Support

One advantage small businesses have over larger businesses is that they aren’t encumbered by large investments in legacy hardware and software. It’s easier for them to test new technologies without risking a major disruption.

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New businesses, for example, are in a better position to take full advantage of the Cloud, renting both infrastructure and software services that are instantly scalable, thus dramatically reducing their need for capital. While it may be easier for entrepreneurs to take advantage of these new opportunities, they still face many of the same IT challenges as everyone else.

Pay-As-You-Go Support

Control Esc offer two month-to-month plans for a small business. Today’s consumers are reluctant to sign up for long service contracts, preferring to pay month-to-month with the option of canceling at any time. This consumer business model has been embraced by many Cloud services, and Control Esc have introduced similar pay-as-you-go plans for IT Support.

Basic Go Plan
Prepaid plan based on the number of computers and servers in your organisation. It provides remote support, including full access to our engineers and technology specialists without a contract.

Premium Go Plan
Includes access to the full range of our IT support services, including both remote and on-site engineering support.

These IT Support plans provide an easy way for a small business to test the water and see for themselves the value of having expert advice on-call. It’s also a painless way to evaluate a relationship with Control Esc, one that we are confident will grow into a long-term strategic partnership.

Cloud Strategy

The Cloud represents a disruptive and permanent shift in how we do business.Cloud Strategy

By reducing the expense of installing and managing on-site hardware, cloud computing can reduce your capex and allow you to be more nimble in the pursuit of new opportunities.

Even if you are not ready to fully embrace the Cloud, you still need to have a Cloud strategy. For Control Esc clients, this is simply an extension of the strategic roadmap that we develop with each client based on our initial software and infrastructure review.

A new company that is experiencing rapid growth, for example, might benefit from moving all of its IT infrastructure to the Cloud, because it simplifies the process of scaling hardware resources cost-effectively.

A software development company, on the other hand, might simply move the development process to a Cloud platform in order to take advantage of Agile collaboration tools and server scalability.

Cloud computing has a lot to offer, and Control Esc have the knowledge and experience to help you take advantage of it.

Consulting and Project Services

The best consulting is a prologue to a project.

ClipboardConsulting requires listening and observing, and then applying our knowledge and experience to a specific business problem or to a long-term business strategy.

Control Esc consultants are dedicated to the growth and success of your business. They can offer strategic advice and concrete solutions on a project-by-project basis. Projects are effective because they have concrete goals, deadlines, and budgets.

Control Esc offer a full range of IT project and consultancy services that can be delivered by our solution specialists.

  • Back-up and disaster recovery
  • Email management
  • Mobile device management
  • Cloud hosting
  • System migration
  • Software as a Service implementation
  • Infrastructure as a Service implementation
  • Infrastructure design and installation
  • Hybrid solutions Managed security


Control Esc can provide temporary staff to assist in meeting IT deadlines or to cover for holidays or sick leave.



We can also provide engineers and other specialists for long-term projects from our own pool of talent, or we can help you recruit IT staff for permanent positions.

Our rigorous selection and interview process will produce a filtered list of highly qualified candidates for each position you want to fill.

Procurement and Leasing

A strategic plan may include replacing ageing servers or setting up a new data centre.


Control Esc can assist you in both the design of your infrastructure and the selection and procurement of the best hardware and software for your specific applications. To help you conserve capital as you grow, we can also arrange a competitive equipment lease.

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Control Esc have the experienced staff and the tools to help you manage this ever-expanding dependence on technology at a variety of service levels.

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