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The new iPhone 7: Is it worth upgrading?

The new iPhone 7 was released in mid-September. However, it has left many feeling distinctly underwhelmed. It looks almost exactly the same as 2015’s iPhone 6s, which in turn was similar to the 2014 iPhone 6; it isn’t as cutting edge as we expect Apple to be. With no sign of the wireless charging or curved wrap-around screen we were all hoping for, it is unlikely that users will want to upgrade to the iPhone 7.

What are the new features of Apple’s latest offering?

So it may look the same, and not have some of the flashy features that Sony, Samsung and other Android users are offering, but some elements of the iPhone have changed in this incarnation. You just have to look a bit closer.


It’s water resistant

A significant improvement on the previous models, but note that we didn’t say it is waterproof. Its IP67 rating means that it is fully protected against dust and ingress and can be put in water that’s no deeper than 1m, for up to 30 minutes. We still wouldn’t recommend getting it wet if you can avoid it — Apple doesn’t cover liquid damage under their standard year warranty… so keep it away from the hot tub.


The camera HAS improved

The rear-facing camera is 12 megapixels — the same as the iPhone 6s — but it has a f/1.8 aperture, so photos are noticeably better in low light. It is also much quicker than the iPhone 6s. If you go for the iPhone 7 Plus model, there is actually a twin-lens rear-facing camera — which means 2x optical zoom. A big thumbs up for photographers.


Faster processor

Apple has added a faster processor to the iPhone 7 — perfect for gaming and editing videos, but otherwise not a lot different than the previous models of iPhone.


Better display

At first glance, the specs look the same — especially as the screen has the same number of pixels as the iPhone 6s. However, the ‘Wide Colour Gamut’ screen makes a noticeable difference; everything looks crystal clear and the colour representation is spot-on with the new iPhone 7.


The iPhone 7 also has a better battery life and stereo speakers and the home button now uses a vibration to feed back that you’ve ‘pressed’ it, rather than being ‘clickable’. There’s also no headphone jack, instead replaced by Lightning headphones (which come with the phone).


What can we expect from Apple in 2017?

2017 hails the iPhone’s 10th birthday, so we’re expecting something big. Rumours online talk about screens filling the whole front of the iPhone, OLED displays, wireless charging and even an iris scanner.


In the meantime, we have the iPhone 7. In looks, it’s not all that different to its predecessors, but under the hood it has some good features that make it noticeably better than the 6s. So, do you hold out for the rumoured ‘total overhaul’ iPhone 8, that’s due to hit the shelves in 2017? You can wait for the snazzy new toy or you can continue living in fear of getting your iPhone 6s wet. It’s up to you.

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